ATN Night Vision Goggles

Whilst American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) manufacture optics for day time use, they are best know for their night vision devices, in fact the ATN Corporation manufactures, develops and supplies the biggest line of night vision equipment in the world. Their range includes optics in the fields of military nvg Binoculars, Daytime Scopes, Army Night Vision Laser, Thermal Imaging Goggles, Laser Rangefinders and Laser Sights.

Night Vision Goggles are essentially a non-magnified monocular that have two eyepieces for viewing instead of just one. These are very popular us night vision products and devices with both novice and advanced users due to their ease of use and comfort. If you simply want the most durable best performing model on the market than check out our Mil-Spec PVS-7 Goggles that have an outstanding track record of use with the US Military. These outstanding units are head mounted and allow for easy hands free navigation at night vision depot.

A feature that has become very popular on night vision devices are built-in Infrared Illuminators allowing you to see in total darkness, ATN were one of the first manufacturers to offer it on their products. Now all of their units are outfitted with an IR and some of models come with the most powerful in the industry, the 450mW Long Range version.

ATN is a true industry leader in night vision scopes (also known as night vision sights) and other weapon mountable solutions. Night vision rifle scopes are designed to be mounted on the weapon and used as an aiming system for night time applications. Made for the military and consumers and used by Military Snipers, Law Enforcement Marksmen and Hunters.

ATN scopes offer an array of choices for Image Intensifier Tubes, titanium mounting systems, positive 1/8 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustments, standard target turrets, rails for add-on lights, lasers, back-up iron sights and MIL-Dot reticule just to name a few.

The advantage of  these both eye optics are a more natural feel and better depth perception than with other devices. Dual image tube models such as the BNVD-15 and DTNVG offer “stereo vision,” meaning each eye sees it’s own slightly different image rather than the same picture being shared with both eyes. This stereo vision gives the dual tube units even better depth perception allowing for improved navigation ability because they enable the user to judge distances better. Although a night goggle tends to be heavier and less versatile than a high quality monocular, having vision in both eyes makes it much easier for new users to acclimate to, rather than having one eye in the dark. We do also have a large selection of units that are classified as mono-goggles that are light weight single eye units that can be worn on the head.

f your looking for a night vision goggles for sale device that is easy to use, comfortable for long viewing sessions and natural feeling the first time you use it, than a quality night goggles is a great choice. We have a large selection in all price and quality ranges such as Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, and Gen 4 models. For those that are unsure about the differences in generations here is an easy to understand Generations Guide that will help you understand what the real differences are. For help choosing a model our Best Night Vision Goggles section has our “Staff Top Picks” to help you get started.